Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Empty Glass

Well, this is the end of The Beer Year. I have drunk 366 beers in 366 days (remember it was a leap year), and then reviewed them for all to see. My glass is now empty. I have to be honest, at this point I feel no different. I don't feel that I accomplished anything spectacular. However, in a week or two (after I give my liver a break) I will be sitting at a bar, and there will be a beer on tap that I had months ago and haven't been able to have since. And I will order that beer and enjoy it with having to go home and review it. While I am enjoying that beer I am sure that I will reflect upon this moment and be able to feel pride in my accomplishment.

I had a few goals coming into this thing:

1. I wanted to learn as much about beer as I could. I can honestly say that I know a shit-ton more about beer than I did 12 months ago. I have learned how it is brewed and even brewed some myself. I have learned about the numerous classifications of beer as well as the great number of breweries. I have even learned to like more beers than I did before I started.

2. I wanted to be a better writer. I do it for fun as a hobby and I think I suck at it. Actually I still think I do, but I have gotten better at describing things. So that's good...

3. I wanted to see if I could commit myself to something and stick with it. I think that one speaks for itself. 

So, I guess one question some people may have is, "What am I going to do after The Beer Year is over?" A couple of choice answers could be, " Go sober for a year" "Keep going for a second year" "Start a new blog in which I actually do something productive for a year". Well those are all wrong. Well, sort of. I don't know what I am going to. But wish me luck, I'm going to need it. 

I would also like to say a couple of special thanks, because while this whole thing may not have been a big deal, it was really fucking hard to do sometimes. So let me thank all the bars, the friends that went and drank with me, the bartenders that served me, the brewers, the bottlers, the stores who sold me beer, the people who sent me beer or bought me beer, the people who have read my blog, and of course, my wife for letting me do this ridiculous adventure. I truly thank you!


Kyle R. Abrams


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