Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 193: BottleTree Blonde

Name: BottleTree Blonde
Brewer: BottleTree Beer Co. (Tryon, NC)
Classification: Belgian Pale Ale
Alcohol: 5%

Thoughts: I honestly didn't know a thing about BottleTree when I picked this beer up. I picked it because I wanted to take a chance on a brewery. I think you have to do this every once in a while because this is how you grow as a beer drinker. Try new breweries, new beers and new experiences. Come to find out this is another NC Craft Brewery! This Belgian Pale Ale pours a bubbly gold with a fizzy white head. The smells wafting off this brew were very bready and pale. It didn't seem any more complex than that. However, the taste did reach a different level. The yeast and sweet malts really balance out the floral, aromatic hops. The spice is barely there, but the alcoholic aftertaste is warming and clean. I feel that this beer is on the right track to be a really good beer and should probably be fine-tuned a little more. However, if you have a chance to tree something new and unknown, go for it!

Rating: 81/100

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